This is a curated selection of websites designed and/or maintained by Sublime Design Studio. We’ve been in business since 2001, so we have designed quite a few more sites than this, but these are relatively recent and still active.

In 2006, John and Donna Sarafis created Dancing Light Fused Glass Studio in Huntsville, Texas, and we have been looking after their website ever since. A few years back, John and Donna moved themselves and their Dancing Light Fused Glass operation to Fayetteville, Texas. They open their gallery by appointment only. You can find their contact info on their website. was initially created using plain old html and a custom built database. We’ve recently updated it using WordPress.

Tori Martin is a film editor and photographer based in Dallas, Texas. Tori fell in love with editing as a storytelling tool when she began editing music videos on the family desktop. She has edited several award-winning short films. See her portfolio at

We love this company. They have created a platform that does all the work for music teachers from bookkeeping to scheduling to keeping track of your music library. Let us customize a music teacher’s website for you today. Heck, it’s simple enough to manage that you can probably do it yourself. Just follow this link: is the website of Cierra Caballero, a writer, host, singer, and actress based out of Waco, Texas. She is best known for her work as lead singer in the band Unveiled and as writer and ghost-host on PopNerdTV’s Jump Scare.