Editing Images for the Web

How to Edit Images (for those who do not have image editing software . . . )
Before you add a picture to the website:
Prepare the Photo – all images should be cropped to 600 pixels wide or less and 72 dpi. This is very important it determines how fast photos load on the website.

  • There is a free photo editor at pixlr.com
  • Click editor, then click “open picture from my computer”
  • Select the crop tool 1., select Output size 2., and put in Width you want, and height (you can leave this blank), in the places marked in red in the picture below.
  • Then drag your mouse over the portion of the picture you want and adjust.
  • Click enter.


  • Then go to the “file” menu – top right of the page.
  • Click “save” This box opens:


  • Select “My computer” at left, Name the picture, .jpg format, quality 50 is fine.
  • From this point you are ready to add the image to your website. You just have to surf to wherever you saved it on your computer and follow the instructions at the beginning of this document.